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National Day

- Sep 30, 2018 -

National Day is a statutory holiday formulated by a country to commemorate the country itself.

They are usually the independence of the country, the signing of the constitution, the birthday of the head of state or other commemorative anniversary; and some are the saints' day of the country's patron saint.

Although most countries have similar anniversaries, due to complex political relations, this festival in some countries cannot be called National Day. For example, the United States has only Independence Day and no National Day, but the two have the same meaning.

In ancient China, the emperor’s ascension and birthday were called “National Day”.

Today, the National Day of China refers specifically to the anniversary of the official establishment of the People's Republic of China on October 1.

Holiday significance

National symbol

The National Day Remembrance Day is a feature of the modern nation-state, which emerged along with the emergence of modern nation-states and became particularly important. It became a symbol of an independent country, reflecting the country and polity of the country. [4]


Once this special commemorative method of the National Day has become a new and universal form of festivals, it will carry the function of reflecting the cohesiveness of this country and nation. At the same time, the large-scale celebrations on National Day are also a concrete manifestation of the government's mobilization and appeal. 

Basic Features

Showing strength, enhancing national confidence, embodying cohesiveness, and exerting appeal, that is, the three basic characteristics of the National Day celebration.

Please kindly be advised that our company will be  closed  fromOct 1st to 4th, This time we have a holiday,in observance of the Chinese Traditional Festival, National Day.



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