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【product】Medical LCD Monitor

- Aug 24, 2018 -

A liquid crystal display, or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), is a flat, ultra-thin display device consisting of a certain number of color or black-and-white pixels placed in front of a light source or a reflective surface. LCD monitors are low power consumption and are therefore favored by engineers for use in battery-operated electronic devices. Its main principle is to stimulate the liquid crystal molecules to generate dots, lines and faces to match the back lamp. High-definition, high-brightness displays for medical displays and the medical industry. The growing maturity and popularity of PACS technology, as well as the rapid development of various digital imaging devices such as DR, CR, multi-row CT, 3D images, etc., the purchase configuration of medical displays has become the focus of hospital and PACS integrators, because medical displays are In the digital system, it is the ultimate presenter of medical images. It carries the replacement film, guarantees the image quality, and finally realizes the observation and diagnosis of the patient by the doctor's “soft reading”. In a PACS system, all medical displays are required to be consistent and holistic.

Product composition editor

The monitor is a component of the closed-circuit monitoring system (cctv), which is the display part of the monitoring system. It is the standard output of the monitoring system. With the display of the monitor, we can view the image sent from the front end. As an indispensable terminal device for video surveillance, it acts as the "eye" of the monitoring personnel and plays a key role in the subsequent investigation.



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