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【product】Medical Endoscope

- Dec 07, 2017 -

     An endoscope is a commonly used medical device consisting of a bendable part, a light source and a set of lenses. The human body through the natural channel, or a small incision made by surgery into the human body. Use the endoscope into the pre-examination of organs, can directly peep the changes in the relevant parts. The quality of the image directly affects the endoscopic use of the effect, but also marks the level of development of endoscopic technology. The earliest endoscope was used for rectal examination. The doctor inserted a hard tube into the patient's anus and observed the rectum with the aid of the bright light of the candle. This method can only get limited diagnostic information, the patient is not only painful, but also because of the device is hard, causing a great risk of perforation. Despite these shortcomings, endoscopy has continued to be used and developed, and many different uses and types of instruments have been designed.


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