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【product】Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure

- Feb 20, 2018 -

1, artificial pneumoperitoneum

Cut the skin at the lower edge of the umbilical cord 1cm, inserted into the pneumoperitoneum needle 45 degrees from the incision, then back to a needle without blood, if the saline flow smoothly, indicating successful puncture, the needle in the abdominal cavity. Then CO2 inflator, intake speed does not exceed 1L / min, the total amount of 2-3L is appropriate. Intraperitoneal pressure does not exceed 2.13KPa (16mmHg).

2, trocar puncture

Laparoscopy to be inserted into the peritoneal cavity, it is necessary to puncture the trocar. Larger laparoscopic cannula, incision should be 1.5cm. Lift the lower abdomen under the belly button, insert the trocar obliquely vertically and then slowly into the abdominal cavity, have a sense of breakthrough when entering the abdominal cavity, pull out the cannula core, insert the laparoscope after hearing the sound in the abdominal cavity, turn on the light source and adjust the patient The position of the first high-low hip 15 degrees, and continue to slowly inflated.

3, laparoscopic observation

The surgeon hand-held laparoscopy, eyelid observation of the uterus and the ligaments, ovaries and fallopian tubes, rectal uterine depression. Assistant can move the uterine observation uterine position with the inspection. If necessary, take suspicious lesions sent to the pathological examination.

4, remove the laparoscope

Check for no internal bleeding and organ damage before removal of laparoscopy, removal of gas after the removal of intraperitoneal cesarean section, suture abdominal incision, covered with sterile gauze, tape fixed.

5, laparoscopic post-treatment:

(1) antibiotics should be given to prevent infection;

(2) although the exhaust before suturing abdominal incision, the abdominal cavity may still feel gas and feel shoulder pain and upper abdominal discomfort, usually not serious, without special treatment.

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