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- Jul 26, 2017 -

                                   Similar to electronic gastroscope, a device with a miniature camera, laparoscopic surgery is the use of laparoscopy and its associated devices: using the cold light source to provide illumination, the laparoscopic lens (diameter is 3~10mm) into the abdomen, using digital camera technology to enable the image taken by the laparoscopic lens through the optical fiber conduction to the back-level signal processing system, and real-time display on the dedicated monitor. The doctor then analyses and judges the patient's condition by using images from different angles of the patient's organs on the monitor screen, and uses special laparoscopic instruments to perform the operation. Laparoscopic surgery using $number hole operation, one of the human body on the navel, to avoid leaving a long strip scar in the abdomen of the patient, after the recovery, only a $number 0 is left in the abdominal area. 5~1 cm line scar, can be said to be small wound, pain small surgery, so some people call "keyhole" surgery. The development of laparoscopic surgery reduces the pain of the patient's operation and shortens the patient's recovery period, which is a rapidly developing surgical project in recent years.                                

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