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- Jul 26, 2017 -

Laparoscopic examination of infertile women helps to identify the causes of infertility and to develop treatment programmes, including:

1, tubal lesions: tubal obstruction is an important factor in female infertility, accounting for 40%-60%. The evaluation of tubal infertility through laparoscopic examination should include the diagnosis of tubal adhesion, tubal hydrops and the creeping state of fallopian tubes. Through the womb cavity inject the United States basket, observes the American basket from the umbrella end overflow situation, the judgment oviduct unobstructed degree is most intuitive, is accurate, simultaneously may also understand the oviduct blockage site and the obstruction degree.

2, pelvic lesions: ① pelvic adhesion, especially the fallopian tube and the ovary or the uterus may occur in different degrees of adhesion, under the laparoscope can be based on the scope of adhesion, the thickness of fiber bundles to determine the adhesion of the loose solution of the needle. ② endometriosis in the past the diagnosis of endometriosis mainly depends on the history and signs, misdiagnosis rate as high as 40.7%, missed diagnosis rate of 17.8%. Laparoscopy is a "gold standard" for the diagnosis of endometriosis, and it is feasible and effective in the early diagnosis of the disease. ③ ovulation disorder through laparoscopy to understand whether the ovary is polycystic ovary or ovarian rupture follicle luteinized syndrome. Laparoscopic examination of ④ internal genital malformation can diagnose ovarian deficiency or dysplasia and uterine deformity.

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