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【product】Gynecologic Malignancies

- Jul 26, 2017 -

1, ovarian cancer: ovarian cancer due to the lack of early clinical symptoms, resulting in 70%-80% of patients with a late treatment. Therefore, laparoscopic examination is a good diagnostic and differential diagnosis.

2, differential ovarian metastasis cancer: Ovarian metastatic carcinoma is not uncommon clinical, about 10% of ovarian malignant tumor, mainly manifested in the bag block, ascites, and ovarian primary cancer is similar. Biopsy was performed by laparoscopy to identify the primary or metastatic cancer.

3, gynecological tumor staging and staging: Through laparoscopic examination of abdominal viscera involvement in the evaluation, according to the extent of the disease to divide the period, guidance treatment. Especially for some parts of the abdomen, laparoscopy has its own advantages, such as cross-sectional lesions, which can sometimes be observed more clearly than laparotomy.

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