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【product】Disposable Stapler Precautions

- Aug 17, 2018 -


(1) Check whether the scale is aligned with the 0 scale before operation, whether the assembly is correct, and whether the pusher and the nail are lost. Plastic washers should be placed in the needle holder.

(2) The end of the intestinal tube to be anastomosed should be fully free and stripped at least 2 cm.

(3) The distance of the purse-string suture is not more than 0.5 cm, the margin is 2 to 3 mm, and the excessive tissue is easy to be inserted into the anastomosis to prevent the anastomosis, so be careful not to miss the mucosa.

(4) Adjust the spacing according to the thickness of the intestinal wall, preferably 1 to 2 cm.

(5) Check the stomach, esophagus and other tissues before firing to prevent the anastomosis from being caught.

(6) The cutting should be fast, and the final pressure will make the staples into a “B” shape, and strive for a success. If it is considered inaccurate, it can be re-cut twice.

(7) Exit the stapler to be gentle and check if the cut tissue is a complete ring.




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