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Classification Of Endoscope

- Sep 15, 2018 -

According to its development and imaging structure, it can be divided into three categories: rigid tube endoscopy, optical fiber (hose) endoscopy and electronic endoscopy.

Classified according to their functions:

1. Endoscopy for digestive tract: rigid tube esophagoscope; fiberoptic esophagoscope; electronic esophagoscope; ultrasonic electronic esophagoscope, fiberoptic gastroscope, electronic gastroscope, ultrasonic electronic gastroscope, fiberoptic duodenoscope, electronic duodenoscope, fiberoptic enteroscope, electronic colonoscopy, fiberoptic sigmoid node Colonoscopy and rectoscopy.

2. Endoscopy for respiratory system: rigid tube laryngoscope, fiberoptic laryngoscope, electronic laryngoscope, fiberoptic bronchoscope, electronic bronchoscope, thoracoscope and mediastinoscope.

3. Endoscopy for peritoneal cavity: rigid tube type, optical fiber type, and electronic operative laparoscope.

4. Endoscopy for biliary tract: rigid-tube choledochoscope, fiberoptic choledochoscope, electronic choledochoscope, and mother-child choledochoscope.

5. Endoscopy for the urinary system: _Cystoscopy: cystoscopy for examination, ureteral intubation cystoscopy, cystoscopy for surgery, teaching cystoscopy, cystoscopy for photography, cystoscopy for children and cystoscopy for women. Ureteroscopy. (3) nephroscope.

6. For gynecologic endoscopy: colposcopy and hysteroscopy.

7. For vascular endoscopy: endovascular endoscopy.

8. Arthroscopy: arthroscopy.

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