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【product】Chronic Pelvic Pain

- Jul 26, 2017 -

                                   Chronic pelvic pain is often difficult to diagnose clinically because of no positive findings. However, a variety of lesions may be found under laparoscopy, including unexplained pain after sterilization. The most commonly encountered lesions are endometriosis, accounting for about 30%. Laparoscopy can also diagnose ovarian cysts, uterine sacral ligament thickening, tubal ovarian varices, pelvic adhesion, pelvic congestion syndrome. In particular, pelvic congestion syndrome, if see the broad ligament vein thickening or spherical, broad ligament at the bottom of the old tearing, can be clearly diagnosed. However, 40% of patients with chronic pelvic pain still had no abnormal laparoscopic findings.                                

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