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【product】Arthroscope Surgical Methods

- May 14, 2018 -

Shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is suitable for surgical treatment of free joints, rupture of biceps, and osteoarthritis. During shoulder arthroscopic surgery, patients usually need to use a lateral recumbent position. In order to obtain a good operative field of vision and to facilitate the operation, it is often necessary to use an upper limb traction device to maintain the design requirements of the affected limb abduction.

2. Elbow arthroscopy

Applicable to unexplained elbow pain, can not be diagnosed by other diagnostic methods, elbow free body humeral head extiction osteochondritis cartilage debris removal and articular cartilage repair, rheumatoid or tuberculosis acute and chronic synovitis joint cleanup And partial resection of the synovial membrane, arthroscopic grinding of the olecranon or olecranon fossa, arthroscopic closure under elbow fractures, lysis under elbow adhesions, joint cleaning of pyogenic arthritis and olecranon slip Treatment for diseases such as bursitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow.

3. Arthroscopic surgery

Applicable to patients with posttraumatic joint pain, judgment of the degree of injury; degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis; non-specific synovial inflammation of the ankle joint; exfoliative osteochondritis or ischemic necrosis of the talus; Body or to observe the cartilage damage; arthroscopic surgery can be carried out cartilage dressing, free body removal or joint adhesion and so on.

4. Hip arthroscopy

It is effective for the treatment of hip disease that is not effective for some conservative treatments. It can treat both intra-articular lesions as well as decompression drills, reducing the damage to the joint's blood supply and stability compared to any type of hip retention surgery. It has played a positive role in alleviating pain, improving joint activity and delaying joint replacement.

5. Arthroscopic surgery

In principle, all lesions in the knee joint are indications for knee arthroscopic surgery. The knee joint is the most important part of the development of key technologies and is the basis for arthroscopic surgery, including:

(1) Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

(2) Reduction and fixation of intra-articular fractures.

(3) meniscus resection, partial resection, suture and angioplasty.

(4) Synovial biopsy and synovectomy.

(5) Clearance (extraction) of joint foreign bodies, crystals, fragments, loose bodies, etc.

(6) Formation, transplantation or cleanup of cartilage or osteochondral lesions.

(7) Correction of the tibial axis.

(8) Articular cartilage angioplasty.

(9) osteophytes or tumor resection.

(10) Loosening of joint adhesions.

(11) Arthroscopic debridement.



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