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【product】Analysis Of Performance Advantages Of Cold Light Surgical Shadowless Lamp

- Mar 25, 2018 -

The so-called cold light surgical shadowless lamp, its light source is following the incandescent lamp, LED, LCD and other light source products appear after the new high-tech light source. When the light is emitted, its temperature will not be higher than the ambient temperature, and the temperature rise of the lighting environment will not be continuously increased. It is also called cold light emission.

 At this stage, the clinical operation time is as short as half an hour, and it lasts for more than eight hours. During this period, it was not only the patients who were in anesthesia but the doctors who were highly concentrated under the shadowless lights. If the light source system of the surgical shadowless lamp does not have the cold light emitting feature, the room temperature of the operating room will continue to rise; on the other hand, some unstable clinical factors may also occur in the lesion tissue directly irradiated by the light source.


 The performance advantages of cold light surgical shadowless lamp are mainly reflected in the following points:

1. It adopts the overall reflective optical system created by CAD/CAM technology, with a lighting depth of up to 650mm;

2. Through the color temperature compensation technology to greatly enhance the color reproduction, more suitable for thoracic surgery and other large-scale complex surgery lighting;

3. The special water ripple light panel of the cold light source shadowless lamp can make the light softer and have higher safety;

4. It adopts microcomputer digital control technology, with eight-segment brightness selection, and has illuminance memory function and wide voltage operating characteristics. The AC power in AC 180V~250V range is stable and has strong anti-interference ability;

5. With the backup light bulb automatic switching function, if the main light burns out, the secondary light automatically lights up within 0.5 seconds. The handle panel is equipped with failure indications of the main and auxiliary lights, prompting prompt replacement after surgery;

6. The focusing system is compact in structure and it is quick and easy to replace the bulb and porcelain seat.

7. Easy to maintain, with a detachable handle jacket, can be used for high temperature sterilization.

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