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【product】Advantages Of Laparoscopy

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Laparoscopy is an endoscope that is used for abdominal examination and treatment. It is essentially a fiber source endoscope, including laparoscopy, energy system, light source system, perfusion system and imaging system. In the case of complete painless application in the surgical patients, can directly observe the patient's abdominal cavity, understand the pathogenic factors, and the abnormal conditions of surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as "keyhole" surgery. Using laparoscopic system technology, the doctor only needs to carry out the operation part of the patient four weeks to open several "keyhole" type of small hole, need not open the abdomen can be in the computer screen before the patient's body condition, carry out the precise operation, the procedure only needs very short time, the treatment technology achieves the international advanced level.

New laparoscopic surgery is a modern high-tech medical technology with electronic, optical and other advanced equipment principles to complete the operation, is the traditional laparotomy of the cross time progress, it is in the closed abdominal cavity surgery: camera system in good cold light source lighting, by connecting to the laparoscopic body inside the abdomen, the abdominal viscera are photographed on the monitor screen, and the surgeon, under the supervision and guidance of the High-tech display screen, operates the surgical instrument in the abdominal cavity, and probes the diseased tissue, electrocoagulation, hemostasis, tissue separation and incision, Suture and other operations. It is electronic, optical, video and other High-tech technology in the clinical operation of the model, with small wounds, fewer complications, safe, fast recovery characteristics, in recent years, surgical endoscopic surgery has developed rapidly, can simultaneously check and treatment, is the most advanced and cutting-edge micro-invasive technology. In the treatment of surgical diseases, the role of more and more people's attention. And in the international development of a popular. Scope of Use

Laparoscopic techniques are most suitable for the treatment of certain benign diseases and early tumors, such as fenestration of liver cysts, resection of colorectal tumors, repair of gastric folds with esophageal hiatus hernia, repair of external hernia, gastric leiomyoma resection, digestive tract cancer, gastrointestinal perforation repair, adhesion intestinal obstruction loose solution has a unique therapeutic effect, in addition to the thyroid, mammary gland, lower extremity varicose veins, various causes of hypersplenism, such as spleen resection and other diseases can be minimally invasive treatment, the effect is significant.

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