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- Jul 26, 2017 -

1, ectopic pregnancy: laparoscopy as a diagnostic means, timely, accurate and can be integrated into the diagnosis and treatment of the same process, it is widely used in the field of gynaecology. It can be used to diagnose early-stage, early-stage ectopic pregnancy and the atypical and difficult diagnosis of obsolete ectopic pregnancy, reduce the consequences of delayed diagnosis, and dispense with unnecessary laparotomy. In order to reduce the amount of abdominal bleeding, reduce the incidence of shock and blood transfusion, the maximum collection of intra-abdominal blood, to achieve the purpose of autologous blood transfusion. The change of ectopic pregnancy, which is a serious threat to life safety, is a light disease that is less harmful to health and lays a foundation for conservative treatment.

2, Ovarian cyst rupture: The most common etiology is corpus luteum cyst or endometriosis cyst rupture. Laparoscopy can be based on the nature of lesions and pelvic and abdominal complications to determine the surgical method.

3, annex twist: is a rare gynecological emergency, almost only on the unilateral occurrence. Benign ovarian or fallopian tubes are the most common causes of torsion. Malignant tumor can also cause accessory torsion, laparoscopy can be clearly diagnosed.

4, bleeding tubal inflammation: Under the microscope can be seen on both sides of the fallopian tube thickening, congestion, and blood from the fallopian tube chute outflow.

5, after trauma or surgery acute abdominal hemorrhage: in gynecological or surgical acute abdomen, if the differential diagnosis is difficult, you can do laparoscopic examination. For suspicious patients, a diagnostic laparoscopy should be preferred and the impact on the patient's invasion would be significantly smaller than that of exploratory laparotomy.

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