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【activity】The Launch Ceremony Of The First Medical Equipment Industry Fitter Competition

- May 17, 2018 -

In response to the county party committee and county government’s “strong industrial county” and the strategic deployment of “China's minimally invasive surgical instrument towns”, we reviewed the skills of the fitters in the medical device industry in our county, inherited the “artisan spirit”, and formed a highly qualified team. High-skilled medical equipment professional and technical team, May 6, the county Federation of Trade Unions and County People's Bureau, the county medical device industry association held the county labor skill contest and the first medical device industry fitter competition launching ceremony.

Hold a medical equipment industry fitter competition to build a platform for talents in the medical device industry to broaden their horizons and display their talents. Encourage and guide the county’s vast number of technical talents to learn and practice skills and work hard to develop talents, which will accelerate the construction of highly skilled personnel in the medical device industry in our county. The enhancement of the core competitiveness and independent innovation capability of medical device companies in our county is of great significance and positive effect. This also marks the beginning of a new pace for the county’s industrial workers to boost the county’s industrial strength and the county’s Xing County.



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