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【activity】The First Snow Of 2018

- Jan 26, 2018 -

2018 first snow, many southerners found the feeling of first love!

For northerners, snow is standard in winter, but for the southerners, the snowfall is sometimes a vision.

Across the New Year, all parts of the country invariably ushered in the first 18 years of snow

Like a sky of snow can not wait to say hello to everyone 18 years, have flourishing sprinkle down.

I was born in the south, the memory of occasional snow are not stacked, just like the general rain, fell to the ground, turned into water droplets.

Under the new snow, always soft and soft, lying on top, the moon fell on the snow, snow fell on the body.

Wanli Jiangshan now condense into a glass of ice, the market convergence of the Red Chamber fireworks.

Busy, but also take care of yourself.

Once seen elsewhere in such a sentence: In fact, the snow is not beautiful, the snow will melt, but still give the photos to you in the south.

This sentence, a warm winter.

Now I give you the photos, 2018 hope we get better and better each other.



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