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【activity】Looking For New Year's Memory

- Feb 05, 2018 -

"Chic Tonglu County, leisure sexual Yeling," style Tonglu everywhere is Yue Yue sex.

Near the Spring Festival, several famous Tonglu attractions have been filled with flavor. Not only attractions, Tonglu all villages in the area also floated bursts of "flavor." Perennial rush you, if tired of the bustling city of the metropolis, the hustle and bustle of the Spring Festival came to Tonglu beautiful villages to make a perfect escape and relax, enjoy the beauty of ancient villages, beautiful countryside, live in special bed and breakfast, enjoy the slow life, enjoying drunk Leisure.




#699  East Baiyunyuan Rd, Tonglu, Hangzhou,Zhejiang, China 311500

Tel.: (86) 571-69819958

Fax:  (86) 571-69819959


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