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【activity】International Family Day

- May 15, 2018 -

On December 8, 1989, the 44th session of the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution announcing that 1994 was the International Year of the Family. The 1993 New York Special Session proposed that every year on May 15th from 1994 be designated as the International Day of Families. In order to improve the government decisions and public awareness of family issues, promote family harmony, happiness and progress.

Family meaning

The family is the most important part of human society and it is also an individual unit that has an important influence on human society.Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

International Family Day

From a long time ago, sociologists, psychologists, and related experts gave high priority to the role and status of the family in the formation and development of society.

The family has special significance and status, and the family emerges according to the needs of the people. According to their instinctive characteristics, people need the same kind of care and compassion, and the family is a collective established to satisfy people's needs of this nature.

The combination of men and women is in line with human nature. It not only deepens the relationship between the two parties, but also perfects them. And lay a firm foundation for the family through them. New relations can be established, and this nepotism has played an important role in strengthening the social foundation in the long history of humanity.Surgical Instruments for Laparoscopy

Therefore, the family as the most influential unit in society plays a decisive role in solving the crisis that puzzles human society.




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