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【activity】Dr. Sybill Storz Celebrated Her 80th Birthday

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Dr. h. c. mult. Sybill Storz and Karl-Christian Storz with the former German President Prof. Horst Köhler, CDU/CSU party whip Volker Kauder and his wife, State Attorney General Guido Wolf, and Mayor Michael Beck and his wife.

Tuttlingen, 6/7/2017: With a festive reception at Tuttlingen town hall attended by some 200 invited guests from politics, business, and society, the City of Tuttlingen honored the entrepreneur Dr. h.c.mult. Sybill Storz, who is also the bearer of the city's Honorary Gift, on the occasion of her 80th birthday.

The Tuttlingen School of Music offered a musical performance, and Tuttlingen Mayor Michael Beck welcomed and congratulated Dr. Storz with the following words: "Dr. Sybill Storz is a person who likes to give. Today, we celebrate her 80th birthday. And Tuttlingen can be proud and pleased to have a resident such as yourself: as an entrepreneur, a generous donor and sponsor, and most of all as a person." In his address, Beck praised Sybill Storz's strong discipline and remarkable stamina as well as her extraordinary charitable commitment, which – in accordance with her nature – she practiced quietly and inconspicuously, but very effectively. He added that as an entrepreneur, she not only successfully continued her father's work, but ensured that it truly flourished. Beck stated that like virtually no other entrepreneur, she stood for Tuttlingen values and expertise, which had made the city well-known around the world as a global center of medical technology.

As a particular honor for Sybill Storz, the former German President Professor Dr. Horst Köhler gave a speech as well. He praised entrepreneurial virtues such as diligence, precision, and reliability as well as the commitment to the social market economy, the promotion of education, and the strength of medium-sized enterprises. He stated that Dr. Sybill Storz represented all of these characteristics. In closing, German President Köhler summarized: "Under your leadership, the company KARL STORZ stands for the best of German family businesses. KARL STORZ is one of the "hidden champions" of the German economy, which offer so many people here and elsewhere work, income, and perspectives. I am particularly pleased that as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, KARL STORZ commits to entrepreneurial guidelines for globalization for the benefit of everybody. You do not lose sight of the overall picture, and I admire you for that. Dear Ms. Storz, you have truly rendered a service to our country."




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