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【activity】Arbor Day

- Mar 12, 2018 -

The Arbor Day is a festival that promotes and protects trees in accordance with the law and mobilizes the people to participate in the festival of planting trees. According to the length of time, it can be divided into tree planting day, planting tree week, and tree planting month, which are collectively known as International Tree Planting Day. It is advocated to stimulate people’s enthusiasm for loving forests and afforestation through such activities.

The Arbor Day in China was established by forest experts Han An and Ling Daoyang. It was initially determined on April 5th Ching Ming Festival. In 1928, in order to commemorate the third anniversary of the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the tree-planting festival was changed to March 12.

Ecological value

The Arbor Day is to protect people from advocating people to plant trees, encourage people to love trees, and remind people to pay attention to trees. Trees play an important role in the survival of human beings and in the ecological environment of the earth.

Prof Dees, Professor of Agricultural University of Calcutta, India, calculated the ecological value of a tree:

Planting a tree and harvesting a million green Zhu Xianxian

A 50-year-old tree, calculated cumulatively, generates about $31,200 worth of oxygen;

Absorption of harmful gases and prevention of air pollution worth approximately US$62,500;

Increase soil fertility value by approximately US$31,200;

Conserve the value of the water source at 37,500 US dollars;

Provide breeding grounds for birds and other animals worth 31,250 U.S. dollars;

Generate protein worth 2,500 dollars,

The total value of about 196,000 US dollars.



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