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Wound care

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Usually the wound of the laparoscope is a centimeter long in the belly button, in the lower abdomen each is 0.5 centimeters of wound, after the operation, a centimeter of the wound is usually or do simple suture, at this time may use absorbable line or cannot absorb suture, if use cannot absorb suture, should be after the operation seven days to be removed, if the suture with absorption line does not need to be removed; As for the 0.5-centimeter wound, the use of breathable adhesive tape can be, but sometimes to increase the wound healing uniformity, may also use stitches, simple suture. For these wounds, care should be taken to keep the wound clean, dry and other wounds completely healed (about 10 days) before the shower or wet. Most importantly, because of laparoscopic patients, hospitalization days very short, so patients return home, every day must pay attention to the wound has no red, swollen, hot, painful phenomenon, in order to prevent inflammation of the occurrence of infection, but after laparoscopic surgery wound inflammation is very rare.

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