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Uterine Manipulator

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Uterine manipulator is used for uterine total or subtotal surgical instruments. By the central guide rod, cervical fixator, dome cup and other components. It is mainly used for the central guide rod, cervix fixator and dome cup. It is characterized in that the cervical support is provided on the front part of the cervical fixator and the front end is a thread conical part; The central guide rod through which; the dome cup wrapped Rao in the outer circumference of the cervical holder, the front part of the inner diameter greater than or equal to the diameter of the cervical collar to form a cup body, the rear narrow to form a handle, handle the end The section has a screw that holds the dome cup in a specific position on the cervix. Three different components and can be organically combined to make laparoscopic hysterectomy encountered during incision vaginal gas leakage, wobble wig, cervical and vaginal wall boundaries between the fuzzy and other issues be resolved, Particularly conducive to the complete removal of the cervix.



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