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Uterine cavity mirror precautions

- Jun 08, 2018 -


Before the examination: (1) Hysteroscopy is generally best performed 3-7 days after menstruation.

(2) Sex is prohibited after menstruation or 3 days before surgery.

(3) preoperative urine can be appropriate to facilitate intraoperative B ultrasound monitoring.

(4) Preoperative examination should include: Infectious disease tests (hepatitis B surface antigen, HIV, HCV, RPR), small liver function, renal function, electrocardiogram, hematuria, coagulation, and leucorrhea routine.

After the examination: (1) After the surgery, sexual life and bathing are prohibited for one month.Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

(2) Rest at least 1 week after surgery.

(3) Give antibiotics orally after surgery.

(4) There is more vaginal bleeding and it is always at the hospital.

(5) There may be a small amount of vaginal bleeding within 2 months after hysteroscopic resection. The third month is normal menstruation.

(6) Go to the hospital 1 week after the operation to take the pathological result and return to the hospital.

Those who are not suitable for examination: 1. Active uterine bleeding (except for minor bleeding or special indications) 2. Acute or subacute reproductive tract infections 3. Recent history of uterine perforation or uterine surgery (within 3 months) 4, want to continue pregnancy. 5, cervical cancer. 6, reproductive tract tuberculosis, without proper anti-tuberculosis treatment. 7, too narrow uterine cavity or cervical too narrow. 8, serious heart, lung, liver, kidney and other organ diseases, metabolic acidosis and other unbearable. 9, preoperative oral body temperature not less than 37.5 degrees, suspended examination or surgery.

Inspection process

Inspection procedure: Before the operation, start the perfusion system to expand the uterus, which can ensure the intrauterine pressure and can also play the role of cooling rinse. Hysteroscopy is divided into hysteroscopy and hysteroscopy. There are three different types of electrodes in the hysteroscope. Their normal work can not be separated from the energy system, which is the current support. In addition, in order to ensure the correctness of the surgery, a light source system and an imaging system are also needed to help. During the operation, clear monitoring of the lighting and imaging system prevents the unclear line of sight and can play a guiding role.



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