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Uterine fibroids rescue and treatment

- Aug 22, 2018 -

Recently, the Tianjin Women's and Children's Development Foundation and the People's Liberation Army 446 Hospital Tianjin Women's Health Relief Center and Uterine Fibroids Ultra Minimally Rescue Base were officially listed. [1] 

The medical assistance project specifically includes a number of contents: First, the Municipal Women and Children's Development Foundation and the 446 Hospital each invested 100,000 yuan to establish a special fund for single-parent mothers and new citizens' surgical assistance. The rescue target is “Tianjin City”. Women with gynecological diseases requiring surgical treatment in a single-parent mother information management system, and women who have lived in Tianjin for more than 6 months and are engaged in community service or working in the city. The scope of assistance includes uterine fibroids, accessory masses, cervical precancerous lesions, and uterine prolapse. The standard of assistance is 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan per person; the second is that 446 hospitals provide free minimally invasive radiofrequency ablation intervention for 5 difficult women with uterine fibroids every month; the third is funded by the Women and Children Development Foundation. In the past two years, a comprehensive physical examination for mothers with single parents was conducted, and the 446 Hospital was designated as a medical check-up hospital. [1] 

According to reports, the application process for the rescue fund is recommended by the district and county women's federations, fill out the "Application Form for Surgical Assistance for Maternal Diseases for Single-Parent Mothers" or the "Application Form for Surgical Assistance for Migrant Women with Difficulties in Work", and issue a "Notice of Surgery" after approval by the Foundation. The applicant took the "Surgery Notice" to the 446 Hospital for surgery. The free surgery application procedure for uterine fibroids is recommended by the district and county women's federations, and the application form for free ultra-invasive radiofrequency ablation interventional therapy for uterine fibroids is filled out. After the foundation is approved, the “Surgical Notice” is issued, and the applicant holds the “Surgical Notice”. "The operation was performed at the 446 hospital. [1] 

Chinese medicine treatment editor

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment uses the method of external application of plaster. Traditional Chinese medicine surgical plaster is the principle of using traditional Chinese medicine to return to the classics, and the use of drugs to coordinate with each other to form a large compound of multi-flavor drugs to play a good effect. Because the plaster is applied to the thin surface of the muscle surface, the medicine with a thick smell is taken from the plaster, and the medicine is introduced into the group to lead the medicine to the disease. For uterine fibroids below 5cm have a good effect.

【Name】 Yanzhi Chemical Tumor

[Ingredients] Danshen, Xiangfu, Zhishu, Sanling, Astragalus, Angelica, Angelica, Rehmannia and other Chinese herbal medicines.

【Indications】 Uterine fibroids

【Usage】 This prescription is a Chinese medicine black plaster. Each patch is affixed to the size of the two stickers. Apply a small plaster to the lower abdomen “Guanyuan Point”. Apply a large plaster to the lower back of the “Mingmen Point”. Ginger should be used before the medication. Wipe the skin of the appropriate application area. Each payment can be posted for three days, and ten payments are for one course of treatment.



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