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Tubal Lesions

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Tubal lesions are an important factor in female infertility, due to tubal or ovarian inflammatory adhesion and pathological changes in infertile patients, due to the fallopian tube and physiological abnormalities and obstruction of sperm upstream, ovum intake or fertilized eggs transported, commonly used surgery has laparoscopic surgery under the umbrella of the fallopian tube, fallopian tube adhesion or pelvic adhesion of loose solution. But the drawback is the fallopian tube interstitial, isthmus, pot abdomen blockage and narrow gorge can not be observed and treatment. The doctors in individual hospitals have no principle to expand the indications of laparoscopy for tubal interstitial, isthmus, pot abdomen blockage and narrow pass and poor laparoscopic treatment is wrong.

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