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Treatment of suppurative Arthroscopy

- Oct 15, 2018 -


Most septic arthritis develops in a single joint, usually a catastrophic condition. A large number of practices have proved that the early and thorough cleaning of intra-articular infection lesions is the key to the treatment of septic arthritis. Early diagnosis and early treatment reduce the risk of loss of joint function.

Therefore, when considering the diagnosis of septic arthritis, more active surgical interventions are advocated. If the diagnosis and treatment are delayed, serious consequences, including osteomyelitis and joint damage, may occur. In addition to the use of antibiotics and systemic support therapies, there are two main types of traditional topical treatments:

Joint puncture

The method is simple and easy, and has a certain curative effect on mild joint infection, but requires repeated puncture, there is a risk of mixed infection, abscess and removal of necrotic tissue is not complete. Even if the rinsing is continued after the puncture, the puncture tube is thin and has a blind effect, so the effect is unsatisfactory and it is easy to relapse.


It is a routine open surgery, which is relatively thorough, but the incision is traumatic, destroying some unnecessary joint structures, and the joint mobility is easily affected. If you need to install a tube after surgery, it is easy to leak, and it is easy to form a fistula. Once the infection recurs, the reoperation is more complicated and the joint function is more affected.

With the wide application of arthroscopy, arthroscopy is being used at home and abroad to treat septic arthritis. For knee septic arthritis, arthroscopic debridement can be used first, under the direct view of arthroscopy, the necrotic tissue, fibrin deposition inflammatory synovial tissue and pus moss are thoroughly cleaned in order, and a large amount of saline is washed and The arthroscopy is effective to place the irrigation drainage tube under direct vision, so that the position of the drainage tube is more reasonable. After the antibiotic saline is continuously washed, the necrotic tissue is continuously washed out to control the inflammation. Arthroscopic debridement combined with postoperative continuous lavage is an effective treatment, safe and simple, rapid postoperative recovery, small trauma, can quickly control the development of the disease, is conducive to the recovery of joint function, is an ideal treatment.



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