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Transumbilical single hole surgery

- May 18, 2018 -

One specific method is to incise a 2 cm incision in the umbilicus and place a porous cannula for surgery. The second is to insert multiple cannulaes around the umbilicus for surgery. The former requires the use of special porous sleeves, which are expensive and the application is not universal. In most cases, surgery is performed using multiple canulas around the umbilicus, that is, essentially "transumbilical surgery." Therefore, the term "Umbilical Single Hole Operation" is not academically rigorous and is misunderstood by most doctors. Professor Zhu Jiangfan, Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, is one of the earliest doctors engaged in this work in China. He pointed out that umbilical laparoscopic surgery is a general concept that can include the technique of inserting multiple cannulae around the umbilicus, as well as the method of inserting porous cannulae through the umbilicus. There are also many terms used abroad to describe this technology. Professor Zhu Jiangfan first proposed the term TUES (transumbilical endoscopic surgery) in the world. Compared to other authors' descriptions, the term TUES is more concise, accurate, and less confusing.

The advantages of umbilical surgery are better aesthetics and lighter surgical trauma. Since the umbilicus is a natural fold, almost no surgical traces are seen after surgery, and the integrity of the abdominal wall is preserved. Because the umbilical tissue is relatively thin, surgical instruments passing through the umbilicus are less damaging to the abdominal wall. So this technology has achieved a more beautiful and more minimally invasive effect. This technique is most used for gallbladder and appendectomy. In recent years, this technology has developed very quickly. Some scholars have performed TUES weight loss surgery, splenectomy, gastrointestinal resection and other operations. It is estimated that 50-80% of laparoscopic surgeries can be performed via the umbilicus approach in the next 5 years.



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