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Transforaminal Endoscopic Surgical System adapts to the crowd

- Sep 25, 2018 -

There is no essential difference between the selection criteria for transforaminal Endoscopic Surgical System or endoscopic microdiscectomy and the criteria for laminectomy and discectomy. Patients with disc herniation who underwent minimally invasive surgery must exhibit signs and symptoms of nerve root compression and must meet the following criteria:

1. persistent or recurrent root pain;

2. Root pain is heavier than low back pain. If the patient with low back pain is more than the moderately bulging of the leg pain, the patient may first perform low temperature plasma nucleus pulposus surgery;

3. Ineffective after strict conservative treatment. Including the use of steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, physiotherapy, homework or conditional training procedures, it is recommended to treat at least 4-6 weeks of conservative treatment, but if the neurological symptoms are progressively aggravated, immediate surgery is required;

4. No history of drug abuse and mental illness;

5. Straight leg raising test is positive, it is difficult to bend;

6. In order to accurately determine the location and nature of the prominent or prolapsed nucleus pulposus, as well as the hyperosteogeny of the intervertebral foramen, a thorough imaging examination should be performed before surgery, especially CT and MRI are to accurately determine the size and position of the nucleus pulposus. And an important means of nature.



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