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Transforaminal Endoscopic or Endoscopic Discetomy

- Oct 10, 2018 -

It is known that this technique removes the herniated disc tissue under endoscopic surveillance through a special lateral Endoscopic Discetomy approach, which is less traumatic than usual posterior surgery. In order to get close to the target point, a typical laminectomy inevitably causes extensive damage to the structure that plays an important role in spinal stability, which usually requires immediate spinal fusion. Conversely, Transforaminal Endoscopic technology gradually expands the intervertebral foramen with a patented reamer and corresponding medical instrument, completely removing any protruding or dislodged fragments and denatured inflammatory nucleus. The lesion can be continuously irrigated and anti-inflammatory, and the radiofrequency electrode can be used to repair the annulus fibrosus, ablate the nerve sensitized tissue, block the annular nerve branch, and relieve the pain of the soft tissue of the patient.

Advantage editing

1, minimally invasive: skin incision is only 6mm, minimal bleeding, short operation time, no trace after surgery, in line with aesthetic views.

2, accurate: lateral approach, to avoid the interference of the posterior surgery on the spinal canal and nerve; do not bite the lamina, do not damage the paravertebral muscles and ligaments, no effect on the stability of the spine.

3, high safety: local anesthesia, intraoperative can interact with the patient, does not hurt the nerves and blood vessels; basically no bleeding, clear vision of surgery, effectively avoid the risk of misuse.

4, fast recovery: short operation time, the next day after surgery can be placed in the ground, the hospital stay is 3 to 5 days, an average of 3 to 6 weeks to resume normal work and physical exercise.

5, almost no complications: small trauma, low probability of thrombosis and infection; postoperative will not leave scars in the important structure behind the back and lead to adhesion of the spinal canal and nerve.

6, wide indications: the purpose of the surgery directly, can remove any protruding disc fragments; can handle almost all types of disc herniation, partial spinal stenosis, intervertebral foramen stenosis, calcification and other bone lesions.

7, high therapeutic satisfaction: immediately relieve pain and other symptoms after surgery, self-care and simple care.



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