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The difference between laparoscopy and hysteroscopy

- Aug 03, 2018 -


Laparoscopy is a type of endoscope that plays an important role in infertility. Among the causes of female infertility, 15%-30% are caused by endometriosis, and 30%-35% are attributed to tubal adhesion or blockage. It is only determined by the diagnosis of these infertility. Laparoscopy. At the same time as laparoscopic surgery, it is also possible to remove the lesions of endometriosis or to decompose and peel off the mild fallopian tube adhesions to increase the chance of conception.

Indications: fine needle aspiration of ovarian cysts; tissue biopsy; mild pelvic adhesion separation; distal tubal obstruction, distortion, peripheral adhesion correction surgery; uterine fibroids removal; laparoscopic treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome.


Hysteroscopy is an endoscope for endoscopic examination and treatment in the absence of pain.

When hysteroscopy is applied to infertile patients, it can play two roles: First, it can directly and clearly observe the intrauterine conditions of infertile patients, and understand whether there are intrauterine factors leading to infertility, and at the same time, abnormal conditions Do the necessary surgical treatment, such as endometrial polypectomy, uterine submucosal myomectomy, uterine adhesions, etc.; second, you can do hysteroscopic tubal intubation, check the edema of the fallopian tube, such as the fallopian tube It is not smooth or blocked, and can be used to clear the treatment at the same time. The effect is very satisfactory.

Indications: examination and treatment of uterine bleeding; surgical treatment of endometrial polyps; diagnosis and treatment of endometrial fibroids; surgical treatment of intrauterine foreign body, intrauterine adhesions; tubal dredge; primary, secondary Infertility examination; identification and diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy; diagnosis of abnormalities of internal genitalia (uterus, cervix); diagnosis of endocrine diseases; monitoring of uterine cavity operation; incarceration of female birth control rings, ectopic, fracture, etc. Diagnosis and surgical treatment.

Difference editing

1. The abdominal cavity is not cut and is not exposed to the air.

2. The exposure of the surgical field with the aid of the camera system is more adequate than conventional surgery.

3. The above parts of the surgical operation will not be disturbed by unnecessary operations.

4, incision, ligation, and hemostasis mainly rely on electrocoagulation surgery to complete, the foreign body in the surgical site is significantly reduced, pelvic adhesions are reduced.



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