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Surgical retractor hook for chest and abdomen surgery manufacturing method

- May 31, 2018 -

It belongs to the field of medical devices and specifically relates to a non-slip surgical hook for chest and abdomen surgery.

Thoracic and abdominal cavity surgery needs to open the chest and abdomen wall to both sides to expose the operative field. Take liver transplantation as an example, liver transplantation automatic hooks are needed to expose the operative field, because the liver graft pull hooks are of metal material, hard texture and direct contact with human tissues. It will cause tissue damage, easily lead to slow healing or non-healing of skin tissue after operation. At the same time, direct contact with tissue can easily lead to slippage of the hook, affecting the operation, and the use of liver hooks and abdominal wall tissue to prevent injury and slippage. The interlining gauze is not only troublesome to operate, but also because it is easy to cover the operative field due to the large gauze, and it easily falls into the abdominal cavity, which brings unnecessary trouble to the operator.Surgical Instruments for Laparoscopy

The technical problem to be solved is: to provide a new type of surgical retraction hook for the defects of easily damaged tissues and easy-to-detach hooks of the surgical hook used for exposing the surgical field in the existing thoracoabdominal surgery, and to minimize the operation of the pull hook on human tissues. The damage, while not interfering with the operative field of vision, is conducive to operation, and the structure is simple, easy to use, and low cost.

The following technical solutions are adopted: a non-slip surgical hook for thoracoabdominal surgery, comprising a pull hook I and a silicone sleeve 2, the silicon sleeve 2 is nested on the hook of the pull hook I, and at least one side is uniformly covered with a non-slip member 21 The inside of the hook body of the pull hook I must be correspondingly distributed with the anti-slipping component 21, and the metal material wrapped on the hook body can avoid the direct contact of the metal material of the hook body with the tissue of the thoracic cavity and abdomen wall. Since the silicone has elasticity, It will not cause great damage to the organization. At the same time, the non-slip components on the silicone sleeve can effectively prevent the tissue from slipping off the hook.

Further, the hook I is provided with a fixing pin 11 for fixing a silicone sleeve, and the silicone sleeve 2 is provided with a fixing hole 22 corresponding to the fixing pin 11, and after the silicone sleeve is nested on the pulling hook, the The fixing hole is sleeved on the fixing pin to prevent the silicone sleeve from falling off from the pulling hook. The silicone sleeve is used once. After the operation is completed, the silicone sleeve can be directly pulled off from the pulling hook.



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