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Surgical indications for gynecologic laparoscopy

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Mainly used in gynecology, such as ovarian cyst fine needle puncture, pelvic adhesion separation, tubal obstruction, twisting, adhesion correction, ectopic pregnancy surgery, uterine myoma elimination, gynecological tumor surgery, benign disease of the uterine subtotal and total excision, and other applications, more than 85% of traditional gynecological surgery can be replaced by hysteroscopy.

1.Surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy;

2.Excision of ovarian cyst;

3.resection of the fallopian tube or ovary benign tumor;

4.accessory excision;


6.pelvic adhesion decomposition;


8.uterine reposition;


10.endometriosis treatment;


12.assisted Fertility Surgery.

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