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Sinus Electric Drill Structure Composition

- May 12, 2018 -

Sinus Electric Drill

(1) Host, the primary controller.

(2) Power switch.

(3) Liquid crystal display: It shows the functions of setting speed, actual running speed, reciprocating and air pump running, and stopping.

(4) Host negative pressure output: The resulting negative pressure sucks out the air in the negative pressure bottle.

(5) Phone connector: Connect the phone.

(6) Foot connector: Connect the pedal.

(7) Setting button: Set the mobile phone speed, adjustable from 1000-4000R/Min.

(8) Air pump button: Step on this button, the air pump is running, then press this button again, the air pump stops. This function is displayed on the LCD screen.

(9) Reciprocating button: Step on this button, and then step forward or reverse any pedal. The cutting tool on the mobile phone will run back and forth. At this time, there are reciprocal type display and speed display on the LCD screen.

(10) Reversing pedal: When this button is pressed, the cutting tool on the mobile phone runs in the reverse direction. There is a reversed word display on the LCD screen.

(11) Forward Pedal: When this button is pressed, the cutting tool on the mobile phone is running. There is a forward font display on the LCD screen.

(12) Mobile Phones: Install cutting tools.

(13) Mobile suction port: Through this port, the cut polyps will be delivered to the negative pressure bottle.

(14) cutting tool: 4 straight 1 bend, optional.

(15) Negative pressure bottle host port: Connect to the host negative pressure output port with silicone tube. (Note: There is a check valve under the port)

(16) Negative Pressure Bottle: Stores polyps and other residual fluids.

(17) Negative pressure bottle mobile phone port: Use a silicone tube to connect to the suction port of the mobile phone.

(18) silicone tube: used to connect the host and negative pressure bottles, and negative pressure bottles and mobile phones.

(19) Cell phone connection: the connection between the cell phone and the host computer.

(20) Pedal connection: The connection between the pedal and the host.

(21) Foot controller: Control the realization of each function of the mobile phone and the host.



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