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Clip Applicator

- Dec 11, 2017 -

    The new laparoscopic surgery is a modern high-tech medical technology using electronics, optics and other advanced equipment to complete the operation of the principle of traditional laparotomy trans-generational progress, it is closed intraperitoneal surgery: camera system in good cold Light source, through the connection to the abdominal cavity of the laparoscopic body, abdominal organs will be photographed on the monitor screen, the surgeon in the high-tech display monitor, under the guidance of abdominal surgery manipulator surgical instruments, the diseased tissue exploration , Coagulation, hemostasis, tissue separation and incision, suture and other operations. It is electronic, optical, video and other high-tech applications in clinical surgery model, with less trauma, fewer complications, safety, fast recovery characteristics, in recent years, the rapid development of surgical laparoscopic surgery can be checked at the same time Treatment is the most advanced and cutting-edge minimally invasive technique. In the treatment of surgical diseases in the role of more and more people's attention. And in the international fashion was aggressive.



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