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Postoperative attention after laparoscopic surgery

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Laparoscopic surgery to pay attention to consolidate the effect of surgery, as soon as possible to restore strength, to do so:

(a) Within 6 hours after the operation, the use of the occipital supine position, the head side to prevent vomit inhalation of the trachea;

(ii) Because most postoperative patients do not feel pain, do not ignore the waist and leg massage patients, half an hour for the patient to roll over once, to promote blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of bedsore;

(iii) The liquid can be pulled out of the urine tube, encouraging patients to bed activities;

(iv) 6 hours after the operation can allow patients to enter a small amount of liquid diet, such as dilute rice soup, noodle soup and so on. Do not give patients sweet milk, soy milk powder and other sugary beverages;

(v) Laparoscopic surgery incision is only 1 cm, so after one weeks of abdominal dressings can be removed, and can shower, and then gradually resume normal activity. One weeks ago we should pay attention to appropriate, light activities, so that the body to recover early.

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