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Pediatric hernia examination and treatment

- May 15, 2018 -

an examination

Typical signs are masses with varying size in the groin area or umbilicus. Early patients may disappear when lying supine, but appear after standing or crying. B-ultrasound can be used as a supplementary diagnostic measure.


Typical infantile inguinal hernia or umbilical hernia can be diagnosed by detailed history and careful physical examination. However, in children with inguinal hernia, a B-ultrasound examination is also needed to assist in diagnosis. It also helps with the sheath volume. Liquid, cryptorchidism and other common diseases in children identification.


Conservative treatment

Children with inguinal and umbilical hernias within 1 year of age are at risk of self-healing, so conservative treatments can be taken. Larger or prone to frequent helium gas can be used for local compression, the purpose of which is to avoid licking the contents of the iliac crest. At the same time, children should minimize cries, coughs, constipation, etc., so that the increase in intra-abdominal pressure. If children are found to be crying and the block cannot be retracted, it may indicate that an incarceration may have occurred and should be sent to the emergency department immediately.Laparoscopic Surgery Instruments

2. Surgical treatment

It is generally believed that infantile inguinal hernias older than 1 year do not heal themselves and should be treated surgically. However, age is not an absolute factor, but also combined with the child's own circumstances, such as children under the age of 1, but the inguinal hernia is very large or recurring incarceration, the risk of conservative treatment increases, it should also be timely surgical treatment; more than If one year is old but the constitution is weak and the fistula is too small, surgery can be performed at a slightly older age to reduce the risk of anesthesia and surgery.

High ligation of the hernia sac is the most important method for the treatment of inguinal hernia in children/children. The operation is small and overall safe and reliable.


Pediatric hernia is caused by congenital dysplasia, so it is difficult to effectively prevent it, and avoid preterm delivery and low birth weight infants can reduce their incidence. The increase in intra-abdominal pressure after crying to avoid coughing, coughing, and constipation caused by other diseases after birth can also help reduce the incidence rate.

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