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Otolaryngology Duties

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Otolaryngology director job duties

1. Under the leadership of the Dean, responsible for the medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention and administrative management of the undergraduate department.

Second, develop the work plan of the department and organize the implementation. Always supervise and inspect, report on schedule.

Third, abide by the rules and regulations of our hospital and complete all the work and command tasks assigned by the hospital in time.

Fourth, lead the general staff, carry out medical care work for patients, and complete medical tasks. Strictly prevent medical errors and accidents.

Fifth, regular rounds of ward rounds, joint research to solve problems in the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill and difficult cases. Sixth, the organization of the general staff to continue business learning, the use of advanced medical experience at home and abroad, to carry out new business, new technology and timely summary.

7. Maintain the specialties of our department, improve the overall level of the department, and strengthen the training of academic leaders and young and middle-aged technical backbones.

8. Responsible for the arrangement, teaching and assessment of the interns of the department.

9. Responsible for the education department staff to establish a good medical ethics, improve service attitude, improve service quality, and serve the patients wholeheartedly.

Attending physician position

Under the guidance of the director of the department and the guidance of the superior doctor, he is responsible for the medical, teaching and scientific research within a certain scope of the department.

First, conscientiously implement various rules and regulations and technical operation routines, constantly check the quality of medical care in this ward, prevent accidents, and manage ward

Second, participate in and guide the lower level physicians for diagnosis, treatment and special treatment work

Third, regular participation in outpatient and departmental duty assignments, regular rounds of ward rounds and personally participate in emergency and serious cases of rescue treatment and discussion of death cases

4. Responsible for filling out and urging residents to fill out medical orders, laboratory tests, clinical checklists, and consultation forms.

5. Responsible for filling out and urging residents to complete medical history, physical examination and daily medical record

6. Conduct clinical case discussions and consultations in the ward, check and modify the medical documents written by the lower level physicians, and review the medical records of the discharge.

7. Serve the right amount of clinical teaching tasks

8. Study and use advanced medical science and technology from abroad, carry out scientific research work, do a good job of data accumulation, and sum up experience in a timely manner.



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