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Otolaryngology Development

- Aug 08, 2018 -

With the development of minimally invasive techniques, the rapid cure of various chronic diseases of the ear, nose and throat has become a new trend in otolaryngology. American cryogenic plasma, German STORZ nasal endoscope, CZT 8F audio resonance deafness treatment instrument, Japan Olympus fiber laryngoscope, German Zeiss surgical microscope and other cutting-edge equipment, can treat rhinitis, nasal polyps, pharyngitis, tonsil, snoring Almost all otolaryngology diseases, such as tinnitus and otitis media, can even replace 90% of otolaryngology open surgery.

Otolaryngology technology has made Otolaryngology among the top in the industry, and it has been favored by people and patients in the industry. The patients come from the source, and the benchmark strategy has yielded fruitful results. It has developed into an ultra-high-impact Otorhinolaryngology department in China and has been assessed as a “Medical Quality Engineering” standard. Exquisite medical technology, authoritative departments, and professional medical teams are the basis for winning the trust and the effective set of strategies that have been summed up in the construction of the hospital - "specialized disciplines and disciplines."

The development of the “Boutique Department” of ENT is a great comment on this strategy. The key department of otolaryngology has been reorganized into a comprehensive leap period, following the corporate culture of “pursuing excellence and creating excellence”, in the research of rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, snoring, tonsillitis, vocal polyps, tinnitus, otitis media and other diseases. The treatment has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to form a medical influence centered around Shanghai and radiating.



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