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Orthopaedic development

- Aug 15, 2018 -

After the liberation, China's orthopedics have developed rapidly and tremendously. Many major medical schools affiliated hospitals, provincial and municipal hospitals, the People's Liberation Army headquarters and the general hospitals of various military regions have established orthopedics. Tianjin established an orthopedic hospital led by Professor Fang Xianzhi. In 1957, Professor Meng served as the dean of the newly built Jishuitan Hospital and created a large trauma orthopedic hospital in China. In Shanghai, Professor Tu Kaiyuan from the Second Military Medical University led the Shanghai Emergency Surgery Hospital to treat orthopedic and traumatic patients. In the establishment of orthopedics in various hospitals, a large number of orthopaedic surgeons were needed. To this end, in 1953, Professor Fang Xianzhi founded an orthopedics training class at Tianjin Orthopaedic Hospital. By 1968, Professor Fang Xianzhi passed away, and 15 sessions were held to train more than 600 orthopedic surgeons. It has spread all over the country and has been insisting on running classes since then. Beijing Jishuitan Hospital also holds an orthopaedic training class every year to train orthopedic surgeons nationwide. In 1979, the Ministry of Health of the General Logistics Department of the People's Liberation Army established more than ten specialized departments for trauma orthopedics, orthopedics, etc. in the affiliated hospitals, general hospitals and central hospitals of the Military Medical University. The provinces have also established some orthopaedic centers, and they have organized orthopedics training institutes to train orthopaedic surgeons. Promoted the development of the orthopedic team. Now, China is one of the countries with the largest number of orthopaedic surgeons in the world.

The 12th Osteoscience Conference and the 5th COA International Academic Conference hosted by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Association Orthopaedic Branch were held at the New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu Century City on November 11-14, 2010.

This session is the fifth COA International Academic Conference after Beijing, Zhengzhou, Suzhou and Xiamen. The conference will focus on the research achievements in the field of orthopedics at home and abroad over the past year, reflecting the latest technologies and clinical developments in spine, trauma, joints, arthroscopy and sports medicine, bone tumors, osteoporosis, ankle surgery, and nursing. . The conference will have four forms: international venues, special lectures, conference reports and exhibition boards.

Qiu Guixing, chairman of the Chinese Medical Association's orthopedics branch, and the chairman of the conference, gave a welcome speech. He pointed out that the successful holding of the COA marked the establishment of a special science development path suitable for China's national conditions in China. "Orthopaedic surgeon" is based on the "academic orthopedics, normative orthopedics, harmonious orthopedics, human orthopedics" to better serve the general public.



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