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Nutrition Intake

- Jul 26, 2017 -

After the operation of the nutritional intake in principle is the same, to take more water to supplement the operation of the loss of body fluids. Usually after laparoscopic surgery recovery, should all be able to resume eating, at first, drink some warm water, there is no adaptation of the phenomenon, you can start to enter the liquid food (such as: Porridge), the next day can return to normal diet, because the wound healing needs to use protein, so eat foods that are high in protein (e.g. fish, lean meat, eggs ...) to speed up the healing of the wounds and avoid stimulating food to stimulate stomach acid secretion (e.g., chili, tobacco, oil, coffee). After laparoscopic surgery and general laparotomy after the biggest difference is, because the operation needs to be poured into the carbon dioxide to create a convenient operation of Pneumoperitoneum, so after the operation is easy to have residual carbon dioxide gas in the abdomen, therefore, it is advisable to increase the intake of vegetables and high-fiber fruits, and avoid the use of gas-producing foods, such as: sweet potatoes, beans, onions ... etc., so as to reduce the discomfort caused by postoperative abdominal distension. As for larger operations, such as hysterectomy, intestinal adhesion and excision, cervical cancer eradication surgery ..., because the anesthesia time is longer and the operation time is longer, cause gastrointestinal absorption of gas is also more, more prone to bloating phenomenon, so after 24 hours to eat more appropriate, for easy nausea, vomiting and specific physique of patients, also do not have to barely eat, to be completely removed after the anesthesia to eat.

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