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Minimally invasive surgery PK Traditional surgery

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Five major advantages of minimally invasive surgery

First, a small wound: a small incision in the abdomen, 0.5cm to 1cm, the basic scar does not have a "keyhole"

Second, the pain is light: patients with small pain, surgery to take intravenous anesthesia, the patient completed the operation in the state of sleep.

Third, the recovery fast: greatly reduced the damage to the organs and the interference of the function of organs, so that the recovery time is shortened.

Fourth, hospitalization time is short: under normal circumstances 6-8 hours after surgery can get out of bed, 12-24 hours anus can be discharged, 3-5 days after discharge, a week after the basic recovery, the cost is relatively reduced.

Fifth, less bleeding: almost no bleeding during surgery. More clear vision of minimally invasive surgery, vascular treatment will be more sophisticated, coupled with advanced ultrasonic hemostat and other instruments to help reduce the amount of bleeding.

Five major drawbacks of traditional surgery

First, a large wound: the traditional long incision, ≥ 10cm, scar was long-shaped, affecting the appearance.

Second, the pain: traditional surgery need to open the abdominal incision often accompanied by pain, soreness, numbness

Third, the slow recovery: Traditional surgery as a result of incision, and will cause incision near the muscle, blood vessels and the corresponding nerve damage, may be accompanied by some tissue infection complications, so patients recover slowly.

Fourth, long hospitalization: out of bed 24 hours after surgery, 7-15 days discharged, the cost is relatively high.

Fifth, bleeding and more: traditional surgical separation of a wide range of organizations, the larger the amount of bleeding. Traditional incision infection or fat liquefaction, incision split, has been an unavoidable problem.



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