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minimally invasive perforating mirror technique and traditional surgery

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Minimally invasive perforating mirror technique

Trauma size: visible operation, minimally invasive, only 6mm, need to open the lamina, blast, nucleus pulposus, wound about 6cm

Surgery time: shorter 60-90 minutes

Safety: Safer, clear vision, can effectively avoid the risk of misuse, prone to wound adhesion, etc., the risk is greater

Surgery efficiency: 97.5% or so 94.6% or so

The amount of bleeding: very little, almost no bleeding 90±20ml

Pain degree: no pain, slight pain after operation

Analgesic use local anesthesia, about 10n spinal anesthesia, about 52n

Bed time 1 day or so 7 - 8 days

Hospital stay 3-5 days 17-24 days

Postoperative care is easier. After 1 day, it can be self-care. It is more complicated. It needs wound drainage after operation. It takes 6 days to sit.

Recurrence rate is less than 3%, almost no recurrence, more than 10%, higher

Rehabilitation time is faster, 3-6 weeks average 6.5-20 weeks



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