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Method for making bile duct incision knife

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Technical field:

The utility model relates to an intra-abdominal internal incision knife, in particular to a bile duct incision knife, belonging to the field of medical instruments.

Background technique:

Gallstones are clinically common acute illnesses, and surgical treatment can achieve good results. The traditional method is to use surgical scissors for surgery. Because the surgical site is located inside the patient's abdominal cavity, the working distance of the operation is long, and the surrounding of the surgical site is covered with nerves and blood vessels, which brings great difficulty to the operation and easily damages the peripheral nerve. And vascular complications.

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide a bile duct incision knife with reasonable structure design, convenient use, safety and reliability.

The technical solution adopted by the utility model to solve the above problems is that the bile duct incision knife comprises a blade, a cutter head component, a cutter tube component, a handle component, a push rod component and a switch control component, wherein the blade and the cutter head component and the push rod The components are sequentially connected, the cutter head member and the pusher member are located in the cutter member and the shank member, and the cutter member and the shank member are connected to each other, and the switch control member is located on the pusher member and the handle member.

The cutter head component of the utility model is composed of a blade seat and a cutter bar connection, and the blade is connected with the blade seat.

The cutter tube component of the utility model is composed of a protective tube and a guard connection.

The handle component of the utility model is composed of a handle, a handle cap and a positioning pin, wherein the handle is connected with the handle cap, and the positioning pin is located on the handle.

The push rod member of the utility model is composed of a spring seat, a knife bar spring, a movable rod and a push handle.

The protective tube and the handle of the utility model are connected together by a spring seat. One end of the arbor is provided with a arbor spring and the end is connected with the movable rod and the push handle in sequence, and the movable rod is opened with a limit groove, and one end of the positioning pin Located in the limit slot.

The switch control component of the utility model is composed of a button, a jack, a switch seat, a movable pin, a spring and a screw, wherein the movable pin and the spring are fixed in the movable rod by screws, and the spring is clamped between the movable pin and the screw. The switch base is fixed on the handle, the top rod is connected to the button and the top rod is located in the switch seat.

The blade of the utility model has a tower-shaped positioning groove, and one end of the blade seat is locked in the positioning groove.

The blade seat and the protective tube of the utility model have a clearance fit.

The movable rod and the handle of the utility model have a clearance fit.



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