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Medical Irrigation Pump use of operational processes

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Irrigation Pump

1. The sterilized sensor is removed from the smoker, the sensor connected to the sampling module of silicone tube around the pump wheel, stuck in the card slot on the metal block 2. In accordance with the infusion pump connection diagram, respectively, endoscopic perfusion pump Host, sensor infusion, endoscopy, expansion media properly connected 3. Connect the power supply, the power tube to the "Ⅰ" position

4. Set the expansion of endoscopic perfusion pump pressure and flow, press the run key, infusion pump into normal operation

5. If you can press "△" "▽" key to change the setting pressure and set the maximum flow at any time in the process of operation. 6. Press the stop key to make the filling pump enter the stop running state, the operation is finished, and the power switch

Matters needing attention:

1.the sensor infusion must be sterilized before use.

2.for the cavity to expand the pressure to maintain the specified pressure, should use a smaller pressure. If the hysteroscopic expansion, set the pressure should be less than 140mmHg, flow rate 0.3L / min.

3. endoscopy into the cavity, should allow the perfusion pump to run for some time, the endoscopy, sensor infusion and pipeline Bubbles are drained to ensure that the piping is free of bubbles.



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