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Low temperature plasma ablation

- Aug 13, 2018 -

Low-temperature plasma ablation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for the treatment of snoring. It is mainly used in patients with nasal cavity, pharyngeal tissue stenosis and hypertrophy of the tongue, that is, obstructive-type sleep apnea syndrome. It maintains the safety of the local tissue structure and effectively reduces postoperative reactions (edema and pain). The treatment time is only 15-20 minutes, which can improve or effectively solve the problem of snoring. Compared with traditional surgical methods, this technique mainly uses hypothermia treatment, which directly acts on submucosal soft tissue, has no damage to the mucosa, has little damage, and has quick recovery and good effect after surgery. Therefore, most people do not need hospitalization, as long as The clinic can be treated.

"Low temperature plasma ablation" has the advantages:

1 short treatment time, no hospitalization: short treatment time, only 15 minutes for a treatment, no hospitalization, no impact on work and study.

2 precise positioning, low temperature ablation: under the direct view of the German STORZ nasal endoscope, the lesion tissue is magnified 500 times, precise positioning, low temperature ablation.

3 safe, no side effects: the use of a unique disposable warhead, can avoid cross-infection of iatrogenic diseases during surgery, pure radiation-free, safer.

4 no surgery, no bleeding: no damage to the nasal mucosa, no scars, plasma therapy using non-material contact, no damage to the nasal tissue, no surgery, no bleeding.

5 high efficacy, not easy to relapse: the use of American DNR plasma cryoablation for rhinitis, the recurrence rate of rhinitis patients is only two-tenths.

6 Thorough treatment, no pain: no damage to the nasal tissue, compared with traditional surgery, greatly reducing tissue damage and patient suffering, patients generally achieve satisfactory results after a treatment.

Vocal cord polyps can be easily removed

It is carried out under a microscope using advanced laryngeal microscopy. The doctor completely removed the enlarged vocal cord cyst and other diseased tissue with special instruments. The whole operation has little trauma and the patient has little pain. Because the field is clear, the surgery can reach a more subtle effect.

After the laryngeal microscopy technology was carried out by the authoritative otolaryngology specialist hospital of Baoding Advanced Health Hospital, many patients with vocal cord polyps, nodules, cysts, laryngeal prolapse and benign tumors of the larynx were facilitated, and the doctors were quicker and easier to treat.



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