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Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

- Jan 29, 2018 -

一. Product Overview

Products from the pneumoperitoneum, trocar (converter), scissors, forceps, flushing suction device, ligation suture device, coagulation and other components. Products and high-frequency generator, endoscopy, camera systems, pneumoperitoneum, cold light and other equipment supporting the implementation of minimally invasive abdominal surgery.

二. the product's working principle and performance

 1. Principle pneumoconiosis needle for surgery when the gas into the cavity pneumoperitoneum; trocar (transducer) for the operation of the device to establish access to the abdominal cavity; scissors for surgical tissue and suture for cutting; clamp for Surgical stripping, clamp, holding a fixed tissue; flushing suction device for surgical cleansing tissue, to absorb dirt; ligation sutures for surgical closure of the wound site; electrocoagulator for surgery on the surgical site tissue Electrocoagulation to stop bleeding.

2.Product Performance Products and human contact parts of the material used 1cr18ni9ti or 3cr13 stainless steel and other non-toxic materials, handle stainless steel non-toxic materials or polytetrafluoroethylene or poly-p-phenylphenol and other materials. Condenser insulation jacket should be made of polytetrafluoroethylene, poly-cresol and other materials. The surface of the product is smooth, round and smooth. The surface roughness of contact parts with human body: ra≤0.40μm, will not cause any harm to other tissues of the human body. Scissors, scissors, puncture needle and other products after heat treatment of the head hardness 41.0hrc ~ 55.0hrc, to meet the requirements of surgery such as peeling and shearing and puncturing the abdominal cavity. Products and endoscopes, such as supporting the use of related products to meet the electrical safety requirements.

三. product cleaning, disinfection and sterilization

1. Clean

Immediately after use, the product should be washed with tap water. The disassembled parts should be disassembled as far as possible. The various parts of the instrument should be rinsed under running water to thoroughly clean the dirt or blood left by the operation. After cleaning, Dry the gauze. The product should be thoroughly rinsed with tap water before disinfection and the device wiped clean with gauze.


Sterilization can be high temperature and pressure or immersion disinfection and other means.

 a) High temperature and pressure sterilization: 134 ℃, 2.0bar.

 b) Immersion Disinfection: All instruments are immersed in 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde solution for 45 minutes or longer Sterilized instruments should be dried with 75% ethanol or clean compressed air.

3. Sterilization 

Sterilization can be pressure steam sterilization; ethylene oxide sterilization; 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde solution for 10 hours sterilization and so on.



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