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Laparoscopic surgery Indications

- Mar 13, 2019 -


Compared with traditional surgery, laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery is very popular among patients, especially after the scar is small and meets the aesthetic requirements. Young patients are more willing to accept. Minimally invasive surgery is the general trend and goal of surgical development. At present, the gold standard for laparoscopic surgery is cholecystectomy. Generally speaking, most common surgical operations and laparoscopic surgery can be completed. Such as appendectomy, gastric and duodenal ulcer perforation repair, hernia repair, colectomy, splenectomy, adrenalectomy, as well as ovarian cyst removal, ectopic pregnancy, hysterectomy, etc., with laparoscopic techniques Increasingly sophisticated and improved laparoscopic surgeons, this procedure can be used in almost all surgical procedures.

Surgical procedure:

Laparoscopy is a device with a miniature camera. Laparoscopic surgery is the use of laparoscopic and related instruments: using a cold light source to provide illumination, a laparoscopic lens (diameter 3-10mm) inserted into the abdominal cavity, using digital camera technology to make the image taken by the laparoscopic lens through the light guide The fibers are conducted to the post-stage signal processing system and displayed in real time on a dedicated monitor. The doctor then analyzes and judges the patient's condition through images of different angles of the patient's organs displayed on the monitor screen, and uses special laparoscopic instruments for surgery. Laparoscopic surgery uses a 2-4-hole operation method, one of which is placed on the navel of the human body to avoid leaving long scars in the abdominal cavity of the patient. After recovery, only 1-3 0.5- are left in the abdominal cavity. 1 cm of linear scars can be said to be small wounds and small painful surgery, so some people call it "keyhole" surgery. The development of laparoscopic surgery has alleviated the pain of patients' surgery, shortened the recovery period of patients, and relatively reduced the expenses of patients. It is a rapid development of surgery in recent years.

The so-called laparoscopic surgery is to make a small incision of 5 to 12 mm in diameter in different parts of the abdomen. Through these small incisions, the camera lens and various special surgical instruments are inserted into the abdominal cavity of the camera inserted into the abdominal cavity. The image of the organ is transmitted to the television screen, and the surgeon performs the operation by observing the image and operating it in vitro with various surgical instruments.



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