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Laparoscopic Surgery

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Laparoscopic surgery is a newly developed minimally invasive method, which is an inevitable trend of future surgical methods. With the rapid development of industrial manufacturing technology, the integration of relevant disciplines has laid a firm foundation for the development of new technologies and new methods. With more and more skilled operations by doctors, many past open surgical procedures have now been replaced by endovascular procedures. Greatly increased the chance of surgical options. The traditional method of retroperitoneal laparoscopic surgery is to make three small incisions of 1 cm at the waist of the patient, each inserting a channel-like working channel called "trocar", after which all operations are performed through these three channels; and then using a special extended surgical instrument The same procedure is performed under the surveillance of the TV as open surgery to achieve the same surgical result.

The advantages of laparoscopic surgery after the two-hole method is very obvious, first of all, trauma is very small, only 2 small mouth, scar small, which is more noteworthy for young people and beauty-conscious women. Second, the surgery is a one-knife access, minimizing the damage to the surrounding tissue and lessening the chance of postoperative adhesions. Third, the patient's postoperative wound pain was significantly reduced. Fourthly, the number of days of hospitalization is relatively small. Some patients can be discharged within 2-3 days as long as they can and they can be fully recovered and put into work within 7 days. As a result, the burden on patients is greatly reduced while the hospital bed turnover rate is accelerating.



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