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Laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery

- Jul 19, 2018 -

With the development of modern science and technology, gynecological surgery has shifted from traditional surgical laparotomy to "keyhole" minimally invasive surgery with minimal damage and no damage. Minimally invasive technology has been hailed as a milestone in the history of surgical development. Its main part is the application of laparoscopic minimally invasive technique, which is popular because of its high safety, low pain and rapid recovery. Laparoscopy is known as the revolutionary technology in the field of gynecological treatment in the 21st century. It is called "green surgery" by the international medical community. It does not require surgery. It only needs a small incision of 0.5 - 1.0cm. Performed in the view state.

The safety and convenience of laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery has truly achieved targeted treatment and saved patients time.

Technical interpretation editor

Laparoscopy is an endoscope for intrauterine examination and treatment. It is essentially a fiber

Light source endoscopes, including hysteroscopy, energy systems, light source systems, perfusion systems, and imaging systems. In the case of completely painless use in gynecological patients, the patient's intrauterine condition can be directly and clearly observed, the pathogenic factors can be understood, and the abnormal condition can be treated surgically.

Laparoscopy is a kind of endoscope and plays an important role in gynecological diagnosis and treatment. Using laparoscopic system technology, doctors only need to open a few "keyhole" holes around the patient's surgical site. You can visualize the patient's body in front of the computer screen without opening the lap, and perform precise surgical operations. It takes a short time and the treatment technology has reached the international advanced level. The new type of laparoscopic surgery is a modern high-tech medical technology using electronic, optical and other advanced equipment principles to complete the surgery. It is a cross-era advancement of traditional laparotomy. It has the characteristics of less trauma, less complications, safety and quick recovery. The most advanced and cutting-edge minimally invasive technology.

Laparoscopic surgery is performed in a closed basin or abdominal cavity. Under the illumination of a good cold light source, the camera system is connected to the laparoscopic body in the basin and the abdominal cavity, and the organs in the basin and the abdominal cavity are photographed on the monitoring screen. The surgeon monitors and guides the abdominal cavity in the high-tech display screen. External manipulation of surgical instruments, exploration of lesions, electrocoagulation, hemostasis, tissue separation and incision, suture and other operations. It is a model for the application of high-tech technologies such as electronics, optics and videography in clinical surgery, and has developed rapidly in the world. In recent years, gynecological laparoscopic surgery has developed rapidly, and it can be examined and treated at the same time. The role in the treatment of gynecological diseases has attracted more and more attention.



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