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Laparoscopic considerations

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Pay attention to the following matters before laparoscopic surgery:

(1) Pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash the umbilicus with warm water. It is best to remove the dirt in the umbilicus with a cotton swab, soapy water or stone grease.

(2) In terms of diet, 1 day before surgery should be based on light, easy to digest food, avoid large fish and large meat to prevent postoperative flatulence.

(3) Prepare your mind, adjust your mental state, and ensure adequate sleep.

(4) Patients with poor sleep, if necessary, follow the doctor's advice to take oral sedative drugs to promote sleep.

Patients should pay attention to the following after laparoscopic surgery:

(1) Within 6 hours after the operation, go to the supine position of the pillow and head to the side to prevent the vomit from inhaling the trachea.

(2) Most patients do not feel pain after surgery. Don't neglect to massage the patient's waist and legs. Turn the patient 1 time in 0.5 hours to promote blood circulation and prevent hemorrhoids.

(3) The catheter can be removed on the same day, and the patient is encouraged to get out of bed.

(4) The patient can be given a small amount of liquid diet, such as rice soup and noodle soup, 6 hours after the operation. Do not give patients sugary drinks such as sweet milk and soy milk powder.

(5) The laparoscopic incision is only 0.5 to 1 cm, so the abdominal dressing can be removed after a week, and the bath can be taken (shower), and then the normal activities can be gradually restored.



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